Data Engineering

Data Engineering

We make your data work for you.

Data is the core asset of any organization. It exists in silos, myriad formats, databases, and database systems. Nfinity provides methodologies and tools to bring data into a single, cohesive view. We help ingest both structured and unstructured data from all sources to build an efficient internal, canonical model. This is consolidated into a data lake for data cleansing, filling data gaps, feature extraction, statistical analysis, and data science solutions.

Nfinity’s expertise and experience help organizations who want to take advantage of their mounting amounts of data and achieve a competitive advantage.

We can advise on the right architecture for you, and work with you to create it.

Our expertise and experience span the following areas

Data Strategy

Data strategy and design services enable our clients to maximize return on their data assets using traditional and/or modern data architectures.

  • Blueprint strategy for enterprise data
  • Target operating model for data programs
  • Tools selection and advisory across the entire data landscape
  • Reporting rationalization to drive standardization

Data Processing

Our data processing solution helps organizations to maintain the integrity and veracity of the data that is generated through various channels and sources. We assist organizations in increasing their data information value to make data more suitable for their business use with following services:

  • Data Acquisition: Sourcing the data from different systems
  • Data Cleansing: Detecting and correcting errors
  • Data Conversion: Converting data from one format to another
  • Data Disambiguation: Interpreting data that has multiple meanings
  • Data De-duplication: Removing duplicate copies of data
  • Data Enrichment: Refine and improve raw data
  • Reference Data Services: For verification of quality of data
  • Data Profiling: Examine and collect statistics about data
  • Data Monitoring: Routinely check data for quality control
  • Data integration and data processing automation services for structured/unstructured data
  • Data enrichment data solutions for building data fabric for metrics reporting and analytics
  • Data wrangling/munging services for advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence purposes
  • Develop data pipelines to facilitate production grade end-to-end pipeline of data-to-value that takes data solutions from sandbox environments and rolls them out to end users

Data Architecture

Assess, design, overhaul, and maintain data ecosystems that include modern architectures (such as data lakes, federated data stores, cloud-based data hubs) and traditional data ecosystems (such as Datawarehouse, operational data stores, and Datamart).

  • Data modernization – Cloud/Datawarehouse/hybrid data consolidation
  • Data as a service – Big data and data lake services for data enrichment
  • Data visualization and self-service BI enablement for build, migration, and upgrades
  • Adopting single source architecture – We can help you choose and build architecture to tackle a range of issues. With the optimum solution, you can reduce duplicated or conflicting data, simplify data flows, and fix data quality issues with less effort.

Data Governance

Manage availability, usability, integrity, and security of data employed in an enterprise. Devise a sound governance program, including a governing body, with a defined set of procedures as well as a plan to execute them. Data governance for quality, master data, metadata/cataloging, archiving, and security.

Auditing, compliance, and security are chief concerns for most companies.

Nfinity can help your organization have a consistent view of data along with populating metadata, where appropriate, with the right authentication and authorization. This will provide a clear path to building new and emerging strategies of the future.


We deliver solutions that respond to business needs.

From accelerating data flows to optimizing data storage, we fully utilize data engineering, science and artificial intelligence capabilities to transform businesses.


Data Lake

Unify data silos and sources, and hold a variety of data types, both structured and unstructured


Data Integration Layer

Real-time integration layer with necessary operational systems, end-to-end integration with analytic capabilities such as sandboxes, modeling software, BI toolkits, multi-dimensional KPIs, and balanced scorecards


Data Ingestion Layer

Framework through metadata-driven architecture to schedule and load all your data into the data lake


Data Platform

On-premise or cloud platform to make the solution scalable, cost efficient, and enterprise accessible


Data Governance

Provide metadata management, robust indexing and catalog functionality to ensure the data lake does not become a data swamp


Data Security

Features that remain on the cutting edge of technology and enable multi-tenant access for the organization


Data Transformation Layer

Manipulating data for use in dimensional modeling.

Our methodologies are tried and tested through decades of experience.

Understand organization’s data

Formulate data strategies

Build the business case to deliver value

Assess data workloads for deployment on-premise or the cloud

Define solution architecture for organization’s needs

Develop a technical approach for deploying and managing data

Address governance, security, privacy, risk, and accountability requirements

Deploy, integrate, and operationalize data infrastructure

We maintain a pipeline of data technologies and modern programming languages.



Data Warehouse | NoSQL


ELK Stack | SQL


See how you can leverage our talent for infinite possibilities.

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